First Year Courses

A brief review of the book Bait of Satan by John Bevere. Intended to show students the destruction that disunity can bring to the church of God and how personal offenses disrupt our growth and development as Christians.

This course focuses on the basic doctrines of the Christian faith as described by the Apostle Paul through his letter to the churches in Rome. The book of Romans will provide a foundation understanding of the doctrine of the Gospel of Christ, and explain what "the power of God unto salvation" is.

Using the book I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris students will learn how a Christian should live before marriage. Using Scripture and personal insight, teachers will expose the negative nature of worldly dating, and show how a sanctified single life will lead to a blessed and happy married life. Students will be taught the fundamentals of courtship and how to make strong, lasting relationships.

This course focuses on the doctrines of God's Word. All true doctrine originates in the Word of God and as such God comes to us in divine revelation through His Word. Students will study the foundational doctrines of our faith and where they are to be found in this basic, yet powerful, study of the inspired Word.

This course will introduce students to rudimentary principles of the Christian faith. Students will study basic concepts of theology and doctrine. As an introductory course, these concepts will be surveyed with the purpose of providing a foundation of basic Biblical truths and concepts. The course contents will provide a basis for more specific and doctrine classes

This course is based primarily on the two tenants of faith from Hebrews 6:1 and supported throughout the Word - (1) Faith toward God, and (2) repentance from dead works. Students will become familiar with the effects of incomplete repentance versus true repentance through a thorough examination of King Saul's life in 1 Samuel contrasted with David who later became God's anointed.

Students are taught as well as exposed to the nine gifts of the Spirit articulated in 1 Corinthians 12. Old and New Testament examples of each gift along with present day testimonies of their operation on the mission field as well as in the local church are used to illustrate the moving of the Spirit today. Opportunities for moving in these gifts are provided in class, in chapel, and on supervised ministry trips. The character and integrity of the believer are emphasized to balance the power of the Spirit as edification of the body is underscored.

Using the book Ultimate Intention by Devern Fromke, with emphasis from Ephesians, chapter one, the goal of this teaching is to recognize that our focus on this life should be God-centered and not a man-centered one. Showing by scripture how God's ways are better than our ways, and that in order to find joy and be truly successful we must give up our own selfish ambitions and goals and allow ourselves to be used as God sees fit.

This course is sub-titled "Anointed Preaching." A fundamental course in public speaking, the student will learn basics in the art of preparing and presenting (i.e. preaching) sermons under the influence, guidance and anointing of the Holy Spirit. Practice preaching is utilized and each student is critiqued. Each student also preaches at least once during the school year at chapel service. (During the third year experience, this course is taught more in depth by the third year team leader.)

Teachers expound on the deity of Jesus Christ and our place as Christians in relation to our God. Opening Scripture to reveal how we should serve God in this world to our highest potential, laboring in the ministry of saving sinners from death which Christ started and left for us to continue in. Students will learn where the kingdom of God is, Who the King of that kingdom is, and who we are in Him.

This course is a synopsis of the four gospels focusing on the birth, ministry, vicarious death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, A number of outlines on the works of Christ are done by the student. It is an in-depth study of the historical Messiah.

An introductory overview of the Old Testament is taught as a whole, seeing how the various groups of books (i.e.,Historical, Poetical, Prophetic) fit together chronologically. The course then pursues a three part detailed study of the 17 Historical books of Genesis through Esther, the five Poetical and Wisdom books of Job through the Song of Solomon, and the major and minor prophets of Isaiah through Malachi. Content is focused on the chronological order of events, Hebrew poetry, and Messianic prophecies.

This course begins with a look at the 400 inter-testamental years between Malachi and Matthew showing god's preparation for the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Study then continues with an overall survey of the New Testament through the Gospels, the Acts, the Epistles, and Revelation.

Paul's letters to Timothy offer great insight into the challenges of the early Church as well as some practical keys for establishing men and women of God into the ministry. These same principles, when applied to the ministry today, will bring restoration to a struggling church, and when in the foundation, will provide a stable and secure environment for hungry sheep. Students will be introduced to some basic Bible guidelines for ministry, the Church, and all those in authority as they are prepared to minister to others.

Using the book Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets, students make a chapter-by-chapter study about many of the aspects of prayer using scripture to challenge and guide them. Students will learn the principles and importance of prayer, just as the disciples did when they asked: "Lord, teach us how to pray,".

The study of New Testament truths prophetically foreshadowed in the Old Testament serve as the basis for this course. By revealing Jesus and His salvation plan in the Old Testament, Jesus' life and salvation work in the New Testament is better understood. Characters and events of prophetic significance are referred to as types. Emphasis is given to those characters who typify Jesus in their character, position, or life circumstance. The Tabernacle of Moses and Feasts of Israel are presented to reveal God's person and plan for His church.


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