1 Yearbook 2018-2019 Faculty copy b (2)

A Message from our President:

Blue Ridge Bible College - the School of the Prophets is a Bible training center founded on the book of Acts by our Apostle, Joseph C. Crandall. As such, we are unique in many ways. Perhaps most important, is that we are a School of the Spirit strongly influenced by the five-fold ministry from various churches who have latched onto our vision and who are willing to come, visit and speak into the lives of our students

The School of the Prophets has a very clear vision for training young people in the gifts of the Spirit and the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our vision includes instructing the students to become men and women of honor and integrity and to be labors in the harvest field. We are very closely tied to and supported by a very healthy and vibrant local church. We are also supported by a fellowship of churches which help us remain focused on training our students to go back to their own church body and help with the work that needs to be done there.

My message, to those who are interested in receiving a sound biblical experience with strong ties to the role that the local church plays in shepherding the flock, is that Blue Ridge Bible College stands ready to welcome you. Our teachers are all involved in local ministry and grounded in the moving of the Holy Spirit. Our student body is given tremendous opportunities to practice what they are taught.

I first challenge each and every one of the students and prospective students to develop a work ethic in your life that is pleasing to the Lord. A work ethic that brings you to your knees regularly seeking Him, a work ethic that has you volunteering for chores just because you see that they need doing, and a work ethic that says, "Here I am, Lord! Use me, whatever the task might be!" Spend time in the Word. Spend time in prayer. Spend time serving others.

Secondly, I challenge even the parents of the students who come to this school to follow through on this wonderful decision and provide the opportunity for standard raising and godly instruction in the student's lives. Uphold these students with your prayers, finances, if necessary, but most importantly, your love and support as they work through these years in their lives where they are being established in an environment of teaching and love. Than you for allowing them to be rooted and grounded in the Word as they begin to see the vision for the direction of the Lord in their lives.

Our prayer is that in these times, God will raise up men and women who are sensitive to his Spirit and willing to do their part to spread the gospel. Our role is to provide the foundational teaching to prepare those He has raised up to spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Dr. Luke S. Crandall