Students may register at any time during the one week period preceding the start of school. The payments of miscellaneous fees, book purchases, etc. are made at the time of registration. Students will be given a room assignment, class schedule, and other necessary paperwork at that time. Registration is made in the Administration Office of the Administration building.

Students interested in enrolling in the School of the Prophets are encouraged to visit the campus, preferably when classes are in session. This will provide an opportunity for prospective students to observe classes, and meet and talk students, and the administration, and see the campus facilities. Housing and meals are provided for up to three days. A suggested donation of $5.00 per day is appreciated to help cover expenses. To make arrangement for a visit, please contact the administration Office.


Women: Appropriate business casual clothing is to be worn to classes, chapel and church services, and during lunchtime. Short skirts, and slit skirts are not allowed. You will need one black skirt and white blouse for special events. Denim skirts and denim jumpers are not allowed for classes, chapel, or church services. Appropriate undergarments are required. No athletic shoes are allowed in class, chapel, or church services. This includes canvass shoes and casual sandals. Only dress flats and heels are allowed.

Men: Dress slacks (not dress jeans) and collared shirts are to be worn to all chapel and church services, classes, and during lunchtime. You will need a pair of black slacks, and at least one white shirt for special events. Male students will be required to wear ties to all church services. No athletic shoes are allowed during school hours.

Students may wear jeans after lunch and on weekends as long as they are loose fitting (not baggy) and not ripped or tattered to reveal skin.

Hairstyles for both men and women must be in keeping with normal, generally acceptable styles, and are subject to the approval of leadership. Long hair on men is not permitted and extremely short hair on women is not permitted.

All students are responsible for their own accidental injury and medical insurance. Blue Ridge Chapel School of the Prophets cannot provide reimbursement for medical expenses of any nature. Students are strongly encouraged to check with their parent's medical policy for coverage availability or obtain independent coverage

Students are required to carry at least minimal insurance coverage and to keep their vehicle properly maintained at all times. There is ample parking space at no cost for one vehicle per student.

All cell phones must be registered with the office. Students are expected to use their cell phones in a responsible manner, including the amount of time spent on the phone and the wise choice of people/friends that they talk to. No calls after curfew hours (unless emergency call from parents). Phone usage may be limited, or even denied, if these guidelines are not followed.

Laundry, items related to personal grooming, off-campus transportation, banking needs, spending money and other personal needs are the individual students responsibility.


There are many establishments located in the town of Rocky Mount, only a short distance from campus, such as McDonalds, Burger King, Dairy Queen, and Wal-Mart. Throughout the years, these businesses have been pleased to employ our students because of the responsibility and character they bring to the workplace.