Blue Ridge Bible College was founded by Apostle Joseph C. Crandall and his wife Marjorie W. Crandall. Apostle Crandall graduated from Zion Bible Institute as valedictorian of the class of 1943. In over 60 years of ministry he had served as a traveling evangelist, prophet, pastor, as well as founding churches in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Colorado and Florida. In 1978 the Crandalls moved from Sarasota, Florida to Rocky Mount, Virginia to retire from full time ministry.  They purchased a 40 acre farm and began living a simple life of farming.


Through prophetic confirmation, the Lord spoke to Apostle Crandall to change his farm into a Bible college. He was told the description of how the building should be built and that it would be named “the School of the Prophets”. As a sign, in less than 30 days $30,000 was miraculously given to start the college. This was the first of many such miracles that resulted in the four main campus buildings being built completely debt free.


In the fall of 1985,  “The School of the Prophets” began its first semester. The small first class of students would have classes in the morning and in the afternoons would help in construction projects around the campus. The men lived in the unfinished building while the women lived in a rented apartment near campus. They prayed every day and believed God to provide for their meals and for materials to continue building the school. Through it all, God continued to provide.


In 1991, Philip and Gina Crandall became pastors of Blue
Ridge Gospel Tabernacle and Pastor Philip was appointed as the second president of the School of the Prophets. For over 25, years Pastor Phil has guided the Bible college into many developmental changes. Pastor Phil personally oversaw the construction of two dormitories and a complete renovation of our other buildings and grounds. The campus has grown from being a couple of buildings on a dirt road into a large 240 acre college campus with multiple buildings, paved parking lots and city-provided water.


For over 30 years, Blue Ridge Bible College - the School of the Prophets continues to fulfill its original vision, which is: to train men and women to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ, who walk in the Spirit, and are filled with integrity, faith, and the Word of God.