Blue Ridge Bible College - The School of the Prophets is committed to providing an affordable educational opportunities for its students. In support of this effort, many churches across the Eastern United States as well as Blue Ridge Chapel, provide supplemental support to the school so that fees can be maintained in such a fashion as to keep the cost of this experience as low as possible. To this end, on campus students are charged:

$800 per semester for tuition

(based on full-time 15 credits per semester)

$1200 per semester for dorm housing

$200 per year for books

$200 per semester meal plan

(includes three meals per day)

$100 per semester Technology fee

(includes wifi access and subscription to Populi online learning system).

Students are expected to pay tuition and board fees in full at the beginning of each semester. Monthly payment plans are available through our campus office. Off-campus students who do not purchase a meal plan must pay per meal at the school cafeteria. It should be noted that students are expected, as part of their learning experience, to participate in various work days as well as share in the various responsibilities of keeping the buildings and grounds in presentable condition.


No refunds will be made for absences from the campus or for meals missed. If a student withdraws prior to the completion of the semester, a prorated refund may be considered depending upon the circumstances.