The School of the Prophets is dedicated to nurturing the spiritual growth of its students and to help them realize their God-given gifts and abilities in preparation for the special ministry god is calling them to. The foundation for a healthy spiritual life is an intricate knowledge of the Word of God. Through classroom instruction and hands-on experience students are taught how to go into spiritual battle and how to overcome by putting on the whole armour of god. We believe that God is developing and maturing today's students to be the spiritual leaders of tomorrow. They will move forward to the front lines of the battlefield in victory.


The School of the Prophets encourages its students to develop a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ. There are many opportunities for personal growth through various school and church activities. A worship and praise chapel service is the first activity of each school day which sets the tone for the rest of the day. Students are encouraged to further develop their musical abilities through organized worship teams. The opportunity to minister to the school body is also provided to each student as they are required to preach at least once in chapel during the year. Students attend regular church services and enjoy the fellowship of home groups which provide a place for developing lifelong friendships and for personal spiritual growth. Students are also encouraged to strengthen their walk with the Lord through personal devotions, prayer and fasting, and by sharing their testimony with others.

We have been commanded to GO to the lost in the world and preach the good news. Jesus said, "Freely ye have received, freely give." A healthy balance in one's spiritual walk is to both receive the Word of God and then to go forth and do the Word of God. Students are provided an opportunity to offer truth, hope, love, and encouragement to those in need through ministry to prisoners, the elderly, and street witnessing. Blue Ridge Gospel Tabernacle has opened an outreach ministry in the heart of downtown Roanoke to minister to the homeless, alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, and other who need to hear that there is hope and help for them. This outreach center is one avenue through which the student body is given opportunities to share the love of Christ. God has been blessing this work with first fruits and providing for that which He has spoken for us to do.